New Test harness feels a bit unbalanced

Hey Guys,

I just tested the new test harness and absolutely love it.
It does however feel that it completely threw the balance of the game off.

Now I am all for giving kill bots a better chance.
But I somewhat feel that the new harness broke score strategies a lot.

I feel that we need to consider one / some of the following:

A) Slowing down the spread of lava
B) Limiting the spread of lava to a small arena (even radius of 5) where we can still try and play for score and survive. If we are not Aggro
C) Lowering lava damage to 2 per round, or possibly only damaging active worms, (So that a worm does not take 9 damage per “move” on lava)

Now I can already see a strategy that would be optimum of the current problem.

I just feel that it takes a way a lot from the preparations till now.

This could be my opinion only. But the strategy to play and win becomes vastly simplified under the new rules and I feel that it might be good to look at that.

I did not run a lot of tests. So I might be talking early. Just thought it could be good to start a debate while there’s still some time. I like the idea of a 5 radius arena in the middle. It will still make things quite hard. And my tactic will still change drastically, but at least it will still be possible to survive. And racking up score will have purpose.

Just some thoughts.


These are some good results you got here, especially the size of the final non-lava zone after the flood.

Keep in mind, please consolidate replies to the balancing thread

I will add my notes there, Thank you.

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