New Window Settings

Good Afternoon,

Has the team looked at a possible new config for the Window Size?

Want to relook at my tactics, but only under the right window size…

Know we all earned a bit of a rest / break.
Looking forward to the next phase of the challenge…

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Hi @WillieTheron, apologies for the delayed response :sob:

We are planning on tweaking the balancing for T2 to hopefully make the game more interesting but not in a way that will make the game itself more challenging, for example we aim to tweak values such as
•⁠ ⁠Power up spawn rate
•⁠ ⁠Hero window size (I think this one is a given :smile:)
•⁠ ⁠Weed spawning

If anyone has any suggestions for what changes you would like to see please let us know!

I have way too many ideas for changes but that deadline is closer than we realize… (24 August 2024 23:59)

Hmm, do I have any suggestions?
Hero Window:

I think 10 is cool, hesitant to call 12.
I have some attack / offence capabilities, and if that window gets too large everyone will play defence and balance could take a hit…

I think a added command → “DASH” + Direction couls be nice.
Maybe you start with 5 points of dash, and then it recharges every 10 ticks. up to a max of 10.

To give players the options to use dash to get teritory, defensively or offensively.

**Dash merely makes a player move two blocks instead of 1.

If I had to suggest something small, and seemingly easy to implement.
It would be that. Give us the ability to speed up momentarily.

This could also help speed up the game in a limited window size environment.

Sorry this was late,
I avoid balancing discussions these days.

I have been accused of biasing my suggestions to better suit my own agenda far too often.

In that sense its troublesome to ask contestants for balancing ideas.

Like window size,
I love it where its at cause it still allows for risk management and as a result ads a decent level of strategy,
*From my perspective.

But some other contestants feel its too restrictive. Because the way they approach this allows for a larger advantage if they had a larger viewpoint.

And thats the thing with balance.
Balance takes away in one place to add to another.

Balance also means fairness.
So overall, a alrger window could be awesome…

Anyways, enough of my rant,
Just wanted to chime in.

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Hey Willie,

Thanks for the detailed response :blush:
We’ve thought about it and we will make a small release to increase the window size!

We have been trying to reduce new features so players can feel less pressure to keep making changes to thier bot. And rather focus on optimising their original solution, but the dash machanic is a really cool idea! We’ll keep in mind for future games! :grin: