Next tournament details?

Hi EC team, just want to check in if there’s any new info regarding the next tournament (Level Jumper, 26/08/2023)? Since there hasn’t been a new engine release I’m starting to wonder if it’s meant to run on the same engine?

PS excited for the friendly tournaments feature that landed :tada:

Hey @kobus-v-schoor we have some fixes coming out soon for the engine

Will there be new rules/features added before the next tournament? Or only fixes for the existing rules?

Only the fixes for the existing issues. No new features for this year


@Izak Just want to clarify something else, will we get the chance to update our bots between tournament 2 and the finals? Or is our submission to tournament 2 to our final submission?

EDIT: Also just confirming, the finals will be at Comic Con JHB on Sept 23rd correct?

Random, How many ticks are we running for a match? is there a max?

Hey @kobus-v-schoor, yes - there will be a short period of time for final updates before Comic Con. And the 23rd of September is the date yes.

@WillieTheron max ticks is 10,000


@Izak Maybe this information was said somewhere and I missed it but I just wanted to confirm what the final map size will be for the next tournament (i.e which settings json file will be used)

Hey @jiro90 its 100x100 as per


Good luck to everyone!!!


Im in there but, I dont know about this one…

Im hopeful, Woulda loved to have that Golden Ticket right about now.

Yeh, if I could back out, I would.
When I finally realized what the prod settings were, it was to late. 100x100 vs 500x 200 is totally different worlds.

Been kinda weird tournament this year.

Or might just be me that’s been in a weird place. :man_shrugging:

Anyway, good luck all.

I built my bot on the 500 x 200, Changing prod settings required me to make a lot of changes.

I had a lot of fun on 500 x 200 to be honnest.
I had a interesting year as well, I started my entry like 15 - 20 days ago. Which is very late for me.
And I didnt live behind my code. Maybe have 40 hours in. I think thats safe to assume.

But many things can happen. I hope I can top 8 and that I can sneak in a Dig strategy overhaul.
Thatd make me happy.

You never know what will happen though…
Im always so paranoid,

^ I made this post in a panic just after I realised how much of a different game the prod map is - I thought my bot was hunky-dory, then ran it on the prod settings only for it to get stuck nearly immediately. I probably spent 80% of my time trying to make my bot resilient, hoping it pays off because I did not focus too much on strategy this year :crossed_fingers: Good luck everyone!

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I ended up starting to rewrite my digging at 8 last night and spent 3 hours looking for a typo and a copy paste error :man_facepalming:. Pushed my last changes at 11:56 pm, so hoping that submission was in time for the tournament. Also didn’t get to strategy and radar/stealing, for now just hoping my bot is resilient enough to not fall off of the map every second game because the other bots are faster

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I want to rewrite my digging as well,

If I am fortunate enough to make top 8, They did at least say we will have a small window for tweaks.

I know what I want to do for my Digs. But implementing it will be an entirely different matter.
Its but a dream now…