Odd behaviour

I’m running my bot and I see the console logs a GameError, my problem is I can see the line above that provides a command yet in the round logs for that bot, the move shows as No command.
No command provided by bot. Falling back to default no command.
Is there a bug in here?

I don’t know if this could be caused by my laptop running slow at this point though as my CPU usage around the time of the errors was quite high on OneDrive trying to sync up my match logs.

Good morning @styphoiz

You can view an example of the expected bot output here

The output will have the structure C;<round_number>;<command>

So, for a bot wanting to output for moving to the position x:4, y:9, on round 42:
C;42;move 4 9

Could you please share some screenshots about the error?

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I haven’t saved a screenshot, will add one if I pick it up again

See the screenshot here.

Hi @styphoiz

We have created a ticket on the repo to investigate this issue further, you can follow the progress here

I’m seeing the same issue after updating to the starter pack v2. Any news on this issue?

Nevermind, output was going to standard error instead of standard out. :man_facepalming: