Officially Launched!

The 2024 Entelect Challenge is now open to the public! :seedling:

Check out this year’s trailer and explore the 2024 GitHub repository. More details available on the Entelect Challenge website. At least tomorrow is a public holiday, so have fun! :wink:

We always appreciate any feedback throughout the year, so please feel free to reach out on the forum or on email.

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Dont know if it is just me but the github repo says 404 not found

Hey! Apologies, only saw this message now. Is this still the case?

I cant seem to get the verification email for my portal registration, but I was able to get one for this forum.


Just some stuff I picked up, on the getting started, the starter pack link needs to be updated, currently pointing to Release 2023.2.8 · EntelectChallenge/2023-Cy-Fi · GitHub

Is there any reason we stopped getting a js reference bot as well?

Hi @styphoiz!

Nice to see you again :smiley:

Could I ask you to just confirm where you found this link mismatch? Was it on the Website?

Apologies about that - the correct starter pack would be Release v2024.0.0 · EntelectChallenge/2024-Sproutopia · GitHub - I believe :seedling:

Happy coding!

Hi @Josco :slight_smile:

Please provide your email address so we can have a look at it for you. Apologies about this!

There’s 2 places where it’s incorrect

A starter pack will be available to all players and includes:

The download starter pack portion

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Thank you very much for this information and for assisting us🫡
We have updated the links to this year’s GitHub repos🙂


I seem to be unable to register unless I state I have participated previously?

Hi folks,

I’m looking forward to another Entelect challenge. :grin:

@Entelect, a quick request - can you please include the run.cmd/ files and Dockerfiles to run the game engine?

I’ve downloaded the first release and based on the README (2024-Sproutopia/ at main · EntelectChallenge/2024-Sproutopia · GitHub) everything should be in there, but the only Dockerfiles I can see are for the sample bots.


Good shout. We’ll make work of this.