Operation Firestorm Announcements

The Tesla Tower is here! We are pleased to announce two new additions to the challenge. The first is the Tesla Tower which will give your strategy a nice jolt, and the second is a building deconstruction tool. For more info, watch this space for the new release later today.

So the tesla tower will be able to shoot a tower in the first column and skip columns to the next tower in range?

Or… will there need to be connection of towers to get to the back tower.

@avanderw, it will skip empty columns, as in the example image, so it might hit a tower in the first column and then only again the last column in range

This is awesome! But I have loads of questions:

  • in the example image, why isn’t the top building in the 3rd column hit?
  • does the first target have to be in the same row as the tesla tower?
  • if I only have enough energy for my building OR a tesla shot, which one will the game engine choose?
  • range: Lanes - 3. What does this mean? lightning can only hop 3 lanes up or down?

Feel free to ignore this if everything will be explained in the coming update :slight_smile:

Hi @japes

  • This is because the 3 lanes range means that your tesla tower will hit in a, let’s call it width for lack of a better word, of 3. Meaning that it hits in the row it is in, then one row up and one row down. So that means the top tower in the third column is out of range.
  • Nope, it will skip all towers until it hits something in range, or even nothing, if there is nothing to hit (keep in mind if there are no targets, currently the tesla tower will still take up energy in an attempt to fire)
  • It will first build, then attempt to fire, if there is not enough energy, it will wait until it has charged up enough and then fire.
  • I refer you to my answer in the first point :slight_smile:

Does this answer all your questions?

Perfect - I see how it works now. Thanks!

This is like a nuclear bomb that can be defeated by a single missile. In my opinion it is pretty unbalanced and will not be feasible to use.

Then again, my nickname is gatkramp…maybe I am just a jester in this world you call the Entelect Challenge.


Remember, it is smarter and more fair to bring out an overpowered attack than an overpowered defence first. An overpowered defence will result in stalemates… which will be a boring round two.

This way, we can get the defence in the next update. With a way to break through that defence, presented to use now.

Release 2.0.0

Hi everyone, i decided i will submit my bot in the next round and i found something interesting.

I have not checked the Game engine code yet but for some reason it seems like there are burst of energy coming in and i am not sure why? (Maybe because i destroyed a building or something)

@pierre.roux Can you maybe explain why this would happen?

With the previous game runner 1.1.3v i would never have gotten close to 60*ish - 100 because i always placed buildings but now with the exact same strategy i am hitting over >200 against the reference bot

Hi guys, did the missile speed change in this update?

Looks like it, back to 1 in the config files.
If that is intentional I do not know.

@jiro90 @avanderw
Sorry guys, it seems some of the old config came through. It was not intentional, missile speed should be 2 cells per round.

This will be fixed in a minor release tomorrow, but a workaround in the meanwhile will be to change the file game-config.properties so that the line 31 game.config.attack.config.weapon-speed now reads:
game.config.attack.config.weapon-speed = 2


What is the command for de-constructing

The command for de-constructing is 3.

Commands are as follows:


@jiro90 @avanderw thanks for bringing up those issues. They are fixed :smile:

checkout the release :wink:

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Is the 2 towers per turn building limit still going to be introduced for firestorm? I don’t believe Release 2.0.3 caters for it yet…

I thought that referred to the max number ot Tesla towers you allowed to have at a time

Oh so only a maximum of 2 Tesla-Towers… well then I completely misunderstood that…

Thanks Lindsay (@linjoehan) :grin: