Operation Firestorm Incoming

+1 for this, round robin is more fair IMO. The only benefits I see with an elimination are:

  • They are quicker
  • They are more exciting to watch

Since nobody is watching the games, and time isn’t really that much of an issue, I see no reason not to do another round-robin :slight_smile:

If they do a best out of 5 recorded for the finals, they can choose one of the games in which the winner won for the replays at comicon.

I believe you’re quite wrong. This game is not solvable in 2 seconds.

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Hi guys.

So we heard what all of you said and it makes sense that it be consistent.
So the next Tournament, ‘Countdown to Zero Hour’, will be a round-robin, and the final will be a double elimination between the Golden Ticket winners.

Please let us know if there are still any questions around this


Awesome! thanks for responding to our feedback :+1:

Thank you for the feedback but could the main website be updated?

it still says “Double Elimination”, also will there be a new tower introduced?

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We will update the website soon.

As for the new building

The format for Countdown to Zero Hour has officially been updated to be a Round Robin :grin: