Phase 2 Issues

Hello Everyone!

We are well underway with Phase 2, and we want to hear your feedback.

Please feel free to post about any possible bugs you encounter, and lets get them ironed out for a fantastic second Tournament!

Phase 2 will enter freeze on 6 June, after which any prevailing issues will stay through the tournament and will be fixed in the following round. So get your issues in now!

Thanks, James

Hi @James.Reynolds ,

I downloaded the new engine yesterday.

For some reason, it looks like it is no longer processing commands from my Java bot. My bot receives the game state from the engine, calculates a move in well under 100 ms, and successfully sends it back. However, the game engine seems to be ignoring it completely - but without any errors.

Any thoughts? This worked on the game engine for the first round and I haven’t made any changes to the registration code or the code that sends actions to the game engine.

I think there is a bug with the torpedo salvo counting. Every 10 ticks I correctly receives 1 torpedo, but when I shoot one, the counter does not go down.

Hi @kuifie , thanks for letting us know. We identified the same in a balancing run through and it will be fixed with the next release!

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Hi @rfnel , thanks for getting in touch.

There was an update to the internals of the transport being used, but this shouldn’t have affected your bot in any way.

Does this replicate when running with the starter bots?

Have you tried turning on detailed logs or wrapping your .Invoke call in a try catch and seeing if there is any errors?

@rfnel , Just wanted to give you an updated that we have identified an issue with the runner rejecting the way Java by default sends the enum value over the wire. We are looking into it and will update as soon as possible.

Hopefully, there should be no need for changes on your side, however I’ll keep you posted around this.

Thanks, and sorry for the hassle!

@rfnel Update for you - the issue is resolved. I’ve pushed the update to the infrastructure, so your bot submissions should now work.

A new starter pack as well as the fixes will be released on GitHub tomorrow morning.

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Hi team,

I see there is a linux visualizer so thank you for that! It will come in handy.

However, it doesn’t seem to work correctly for me. When I load the game, it says seems to load the game screen with the top left-hand block only containing the text Players: 10 (which isn’t exactly correct) but more importantly, after pressing the space bar, the only thing I can see is the torpedos that have been fired off.

Is there maybe something additional I need to run? The readme doesn’t contain any information on running it.


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Hi @ccanning2 ,

Thanks for the feedback. It should just work the same as it does on windows. We’ll be investigating the issue and will get back to you!

@ibvs Please see the above

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Hi @James.Reynolds

Any feedback on the linux visualiser?

Not as yet, we are still looking into it. Will give you an update as soon as I have one!

Thanks do you have any idea if a working Linux visualizer would be available prior to tournament 2 kicking off?

Hi @ccanning2 , we are in the process of reworking the visualiser. Unfortunately it is too soon to confirm if the Linux version will be ready before tournament 2.

Hi folks,

I noticed “strange” torpedo behavior. If two bots fire torpedoes simultaneously and the torpedoes hit each other, it looks like one of the bots (in a seemingly random order) gains size and the other doesn’t.

Is this expected behavior?

most of the time the game engine runs as expected… However, on 3 occasions it has crashed without saving the log. The game engine runs normally up to the point where the game is complete, and then something goes wrong

Hi There,

Just to update you on this, it should be resolved now with the launch of Phase 3!