Phase 2 Tournament Hype

Good day village managers!

I know most of us are knee deep into working on our phase 2 tournament entries!

This is just a thread for everyone to talk about there predictions, how you think you are going to do , what you think of the buildings and buffs and just generally to create some hype around the work we are
putting into this challenge!

I personally am pretty happy with my bot at the moment even tho the price increase did throw a spanner into my territory grab strategy.

I am just working on tweaking for now and dont want to make any mayor changes before tomorrow.

How is everybody going? chilled? burning the midnight oil?

Good luck to each and everyone of you!


“Finished” my bot yesterday (i.e. ran out of new ideas) - now instead of being able to work on my bot I’m incessantly checking the forum :sweat_smile: Really looking forward to the second phase - as I couldn’t compete in the first one I have no idea what to expect - good luck everyone!

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Definitely this, But I only have till 10 cause of our friends over at Eskom…
I have a bit of optimisations I need to do for later. I at least know I have a solid base from the first event,

But buildings adds quite a bit of dynamics.

I am pretty much happy now. Im spending the next 6 hours exclusively on this.
I know exactly what I want to do as my last addition. Basically running my current bot against my tournament benchmark (but with Gold) added.

Then I know when Im deviating from something good.

Buildings are not that insane, tiptoeing around my existing strategy is what is getting to me.
I need to do quite a bit still. But I will be happy with what I have now if I cant get to optimizing.

Super excited.

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Nice!! I am trying to implement the buuldings but i dont think im going to keep my 3rd place in this tournament since i only started basic building last night, but will see if I can atleast put up a challenge.

Looking foward to see the results!!! Good luck

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You might keep your place.

I have a pretty good building strategy going and my building upload still does not beat my Event benchmark (Added Gold Farming there at least)

Now I must admit, This is for a 1V1 setting and the buildings might help you a lot more in a 4V4 setting.
But I didnt have time to test this.

What I do know is my actual upload is not on the same level as my event 1 entry.
But I uploaded something with buildings anyways because I didnt want to not add buildings.
Reason I feel that buildings should have a much stronger impact on score.

Because as of now Im pretty sure a person could win without them.

Well with my current 6 buildings it easily beats my event 1 entry in 4v4 by atleast 2m points, so it definitely does make a difference

:scream: Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

Good luck, may the hottest artic win!!



I have some issue probably,

I still cant touch my tournament winning bot.

HOWEVER… I could see some great advantage early on. while building,
So will take things easy. I will sit this event out most likely from a scoreboard perspective. My bot is good, but it lacks something. Gotta up those numbers.


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Hahahahahaha, yes looks like this year the result arnt realtime, so we have to wait a day or week

Any chance we can get the player log from the tournaments?

Hi Styphoiz,

Unfortunately not as this might expose data about the behavior of other bots. We have decided to keep the tournament logs a secret to ensure that players do not build against their opponents rather than building to be more general.


@Jako any chance we can see the logs for the last tournament if the finalists are not allowed to tweak their bots afterwards?

This is clever,

I am always so paranoid about this.

I have seen it in past tournaments, and even relied on intel myself.
Cannot say I ever built specifically against someone else.

But I can say I used them to benchmark myself and force my bot and strategy to almost mirror what winning bots did.

I do feel this is better in this challenge.
**Reason being 90% of the problem is when to do what actions.

If we just copy what the firstplace bot did in terms of build it could be boring

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Hi Styphoiz,

I can have a chat to our team about releasing the logs after ComicCon and the winners have been announced but I think it would be better to have a forum discussion on the general approach that was taken by the players and their methodology of approaching the problem. The exact solution might be very dependent on this years problem.