Phase 3 Announcements

New announcement topic for phase 3

We have released a new version of the starter pack.
You can download it here

New Powerup - EMP

  • Fire an EMP Blast forward in a cone from your car!
  • The EMP shoots forward from your car, proceeding forward in the lane you are in, as well as the lanes to your immediate left and right, for the rest of the map.
  • The EMP will stop them in their tracks for the rest of the round, and then reduce their speed to 3.

New Mechanic - Damage

  • You spoke, we listened!
  • Collisions with map objects will now damage your vehicle!
  • Each collision reduces your maximum attainable speed.
  • You can reach a maximum speed of 0, and be unable to move if you take too much damage!
  • Collisions with other players are not counted towards damage.
  • Boosting will only boost you directly to your current maximum speed.

New Command - Fix

  • “Fix” is a new command allowing you to fix damage to your car!
  • Using it removes 2 damage points.
  • Your car stands still for the round while repairs are being performed.


  • Updated the way we generate Maps to add a perlin noise generator. This will add some more natural looking mud patches, and overall make the map feel more natural.
  • Added score, damage, and states that occured this round to the player responses
  • Updated CSV output to include the new features

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where wall generation percentage was stated as 5 but was actually 1. It is now 5
  • Fixed issue where colliding with a cyber truck did not cancel boost
  • Fixed issue where cyber truck did not ignore players start block
  • Fixed a bug where turning into a cyber truck does not trigger the collision

Thanks to everyone who helped with pull requests and reported issues!

Please let us know if you find anything odd in the *balancing of this config, we are open to tweak until *Tuesday 14 July 2020 @ 18h00. This deadline will solidify the final tweaks before the upcoming tournaments.


Hi, thanks for the update, interesting stuff. I just need some clarity so we don’t have to analyze the code:

  1. How long (rounds) does the EMP last?
  2. Does the EMP work the next round after it’s cast, like a TWEET or immediately like OIL?
  3. Can we jump EMP’s with lizards?
  4. If one gets to a maximum speed of zero, does the game end immediately, or do they wait for the opponent to cross the finish line?
  5. How much does damage contribute to the max speed? Does 1 damage constitute a speed limitation of 1?
  6. Can cars be fixed to a positive damage? i.e. so the positive damage sponges future damag

Hi @marvijo

  1. Its effect is only lasts one round.
  2. Same as Tweet / cybertruck - it occurs in the next round.
  3. Lizarding / jumping has no effect on avoiding EMP’s. Even if you use lizard, you will still be affected by EMP as normal.
  4. No. You will wait until ether someone crosses the finish line, or max rounds limit is reached. Remember you can use the Fix command, and thus shouldn’t get stuck at a maximum speed of zero.
  5. Correct, 1 damage = 1 less speed bracket. Not exactly 1 less speed “value”, rather 1 less in the array of total speed values.
  6. No. Your minimum Damage is 0, and will remain as such. Using a Fix Command that will overrun your current damage will simply reset your damage to 0. i.e. if you have 1 damage and you use fix ( -2 damage ), you will have 0 damage

Let us know if this clears it up or if there’s anything still unclear!

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What is the speed of the car in the round after the fix command has been issued?

After the fix command has been issued, the car should return back to the same speed it was traveling before the command was issued.