Player Portal Error

Hi folks,

I’m trying to register on the player portal using my Google account and I’m getting the error below.

{“Message”:“Unable to create the user profile.”}

Has anyone else encountered this?

Hi @rfnel

Yes, this is an issue with our Google OAuth. We are looking at why this is happening, but you should still be able to log in with Facebook if you want.

We will keep everyone posted on when this is fixed on this thread.


The issue has been fixed :star_struck:

Please let us know if you further experience problems like this.


I was able to register, thanks!

However, it looks like my matches on the player portal never complete. Could you guys maybe have a look?


Hi @rfnel,

There was an issue with the match running that is resolved now, I reran two of your submissions and it should be updated.

Please let us know if you experience any further issues.


Hi folks,

I’ve uploaded a new bot and it looks like my matches are stuck again.

Could you have a look please?


Hi @rfnel

It looks like azure had some trouble allocating the necessary resources for a bit yesterday.

I have rescheduled the matches affected and it should update soon.

Thanks for letting us know. We will try to catch these issues earlier in the future.