Player portal reports matches as "Failed"

Just wanted to find out if anyone else is seeing these errors in the player portal:

The bot logs look fine, but I can’t download the match logs

Me too.

I cannot seem to download match logs, and every match so far has failed (even excluding the ones where my bot broke).

Hi all, apologies for this issue, we were plugging holes all over the place. The latest release should have fixed the issue if you would be so kind as to verify?

Unfortunately not, I’ve got a match In Progress for the last 10hours or so.

Okay, I think I’ve found the issue, the python starter bot didn’t include handling for the EndGame response, something like the following:

def on_end_game(input=""):
    print(f"on_end_game(): {input}")
    state.connected = False
connection.on("EndGame", on_end_game)

This meant that the while state.connected in would always be true, and the bot would simply never turn off.

I’ll test this after work when uploading another submission.

Never mind.

Despite the addition above the game has been in progress well over an hour.

Hmm, have you submitted any code changes since that one that shows In Progress?

Yes, this still seems to be happening. It looks like when a player prunes another player, sometimes the starting terroitory will be captured and the engine crashes with: A critical error prevented the game from completing

For example, in the below game the red bot pruned the blue bot and captured all it’s territory. Shortly afterwards the engine crashed