Points and energy bug?

hi , i noticed version 1.1.1 seem to be bugged compared to the rules and information on the project page about energy per round and scoring.

the bots are suppose to reach 420 on winning by sinking all enemy ships , instead what i see is they end up on 270.

on a 10x10 medium map , 3 energy per round is supposed to be added , instead i see 3 energy for the first round and 2 energy evety round thereafter.

by the way , i see the engine shows game version 1.0.0 in the console, and “the winnig player” has been “winnig” ever since :slight_smile: dont know how important those little two factoids are for you guys but anyway.


hi again , your crossshotdiagonal code is bugged , or i have the wrong version , not sure but in FireCrossShotCommand on line 39 col 88 in visual c# the code for the bottom left corner cell.Y - 1 needs to be cell.Y + 1…

EDIT:okay disregard this , i see i had the wrong version , darn too tired.

the only thing i find weird is the points, unless i am missing something.


Hey wjb,

Have you factored in the energy you lose for singe shot? Example, You get 4 energy but lose 1 for firing a singleshot. So your energy should go up by 1 less per turn depending on how you play.

As for the other things you mentioned, I cannot say I know…

hi willie , no i have not factored in single shots , i was under the impression that single shots were not tied to energy , because i think i have not seen reference made somewhere that it costs 1 per singleshot , but if that is the case then it makes sense .


Hey wjb,

A singleshot requires 1 energy to use, You will need to factor that in.

thanks i see it defaults to 1

Hi wjb,

We will have a look at the mentioned bug. Thanks for your message.