Portal Hanging on "In Progress"

Has anyone been able to run, successfully, on the portal yet? I’ve tried both the dot net bot and the reference bot, and both seem to hang at “In Progress” for me.

I have no doubt I am doing something silly, but don’t want to chase my tail if there is a server side issue.

Ok, I think i found what may have been the issue - I wasn’t generating a token. However, it does seem as though there isn’t a timeout on the portal, if things happen to go wrong.

Hi @PhoneticallyUnstable, apologies for this error, we are aware that matches aren’t ending properly. We have identified the issue and created a fix. We’ll be releasing a new version soon with several other bug fixes as well. Please bear with us

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Ah that’s great. No worries, I was concerned the issue lay at my end. Thanks for the update . :slight_smile: