Portal Matches

Hi, I just want to know, does the matches on the player portal after I submit a bot get played against other player bots? or will it always be the reference bot?

Will there be a out of event player challenge feature that will allow us to test our bots with others? if yes will any logs be available?

Hi @Kortgat , As far as I am aware, the portal matches is played against 4 other reference bots.
I would be pretty cool to play against other players outside of the tournament.

The EC team did start with a mini-project called weekly tournaments, but it never came past the staging environment to be stable enough with 64 player matches. (Thus the opt-in option that is available in the portal)
But since the max size of a match would be 4 players, maybe the team can revisited the idea of weekly weekly matches which players would have to opt-in for. That would greatly increase the competitiveness throughout the year. (The infrastructure is already there for this kind of informal tournament to run). The portal’s tournament page does not support this AFAIK.

Those tournament is probably going to be a single leaderboard result only type of thing, where no logs would be stored or so, only the results would be stored, as 350mb x (total players / 4) would get pretty pricey in terms of storage.

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