Portal runner is losing the first few lines of bot log

Good morning, it looks like the portal is cutting off the first few lines of the bot log, anybody else experiencing this? My bot isn’t very verbose (shouldn’t be printing more than 30 lines of logs during a normal game) so I don’t think there’s a limit being reached

I have not experienced this, BUT…

I did set my logger usecondenced reporting to false.

Then in a match, I would only write the tick and 1 or two lines to help measure territory. And in those cases I have not had issues (To Commandline output).

If your issue is in logs itself, then I do not have experience myself.

Just want to bump this, currently the bot logs on the Portal is missing either the first or last few lines - not a train smash but I have some validation logs printed there just to make sure everything executed fine. For those working behind the scenes, you can have a look at the following submissions (they both should be printing almost the same output):

  • Match ID: 543384d5 - last few lines are missing
  • Match ID: d14ca315 - first few lines are missing