Posibility of introducing a draw in the next event

Hey Guys, I am wondering if there were any draws in the current events.

According to the rules:
“Scores will be used to determine a victor in the event of a stalemate or draw. If both bots draw in a tournament, a random winner will be selected, as only stagnant bots should result in this situation”

I do not agree with the above statement completely. If both bots decide on attacking the same row for any reason and they both have an abundance of energy. They could easily “deadlock”. My bot did this against itself under certain conditions.

But obviously my energy tact is the same on both bots so if the above does happen, I generally tie on score. But it does happen every now and then.

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Hi @WillieTheron

That does make sense yes, but the chances of two people unknowningly having the exact same strategy, thereby deadlocking is quite small, maybe we should then reword that statement.

But to answer your question, there were no draws in the entire tournament, at least not one that had to be randomly chosen.

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Then theres no concern., Also the new updates will pull strategies further apart. So I am less worried here. I guess I am just being paranoid… I do that sometimes…

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