Possible bug

I was wondering If anybody else has seen this:

My worm was damaged from a distance of 5 cells through a dirt cell?

Herewith some screenshots of the text maps, hopefully you can see what I mean :wink:
Round 34:

Round 35:

My current game engine is: ec-2019-game-engine-jvm-full-2019.1.0.jar

Hi @fairwind

That does indeed look suspicious :thinking:, but are you sure it was not worm 11 shooting worm 22?

I have created an issue to track it, and If you still have the match logs (specifically the csv versions) can you please send them to challenge@entelect.co.za? That will help a lot with reproducing/debugging this.

Looking at it now, that’s probably exactly what happened :wink:

In fact, I’m deleting this post in 3…2…1…