Possible scouting bug

Hi guys,

Can someone please confirm if their scouting action is behaving correctly.

If I send an action for example :

“type” : 1,
“units” : 2,
“id” : “410d392c-ecf5-43b9-a228-299c0a8d224a” // scouting tower

and I check the gamestate after a couple of ticks it doesnt seem to change anything.

My bot still has AvailableUnits = 2 and ScoutingUnits = 0
and the target tower never get ‘scouted’ and added to my bot’s scouted-towers list

or maybe I am just missing something.

I am using the .NetCore bot

Bump - Anyone been scouting lately ? :rofl:

@THEKVN : Yes. I did some testing with the NetCoreBot and I scouted without any problems.

Your code looks correct. Are you sure the ID you supply is indeed a scout tower? If the tower is far away it will take some ticks for your slave worker to reach it. In the starter-bot DotNet code, the code builds a list of actions that it returns to be executed. Can you see in SH Console that your command was executed?

@kuifie : Thanks so much! Needed someone to confirm its working.

I took your advise and looked at the SH Console and saw even tho I was returning an action it wasn’t sending it to the runner so it basically never happened.

Its working now as expected :smiley: