Possible Submission Issue

Hi @rfnel, thank you for raising this issue. We will be looking into your issue.

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Thank you @marno.vanniekerk. There’s a fair chance that I’m doing something silly somewhere, but I can’t get enough detail from the logs on the portal to figure out what.

Hi @marno.vanniekerk,

Have you had any luck tracking down the issue?


Hi @rfnel , we are still digging into the issue and will get back to you as soon as we know more

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Hi @rfnel , an update on the issue you were seeing above.

There was an issue with provisioning reference bots for simulation matches.
This has been fixed, but we still see the issue on your submission and are investigating further

Thanks James.

I submitted a new version 15 - 20 minutes ago, so just before you responded to my post. I did mess around with the way in which my JAR file is created to try and see if it makes a difference if I package all of the dependencies into the JAR file itself.

It would be interesting to see if the issue on the latest submission is the same as the issue I ran into on my previous submission last week. It could be that I’ve broken something else in the process. I’ll also revert back my JAR name and Maven assembly parameters to what it was before to see if that works.

That would be a great help to us if you could - Mind posting here when you’ve submitted last weeks version?


Here’s my submission history. Submission 8 was last week with the same setup for the JAR file as my last working submission on the 3rd of May. Submission 9 was after bundling all libs into the JAR. You can ignore submission 10 - that was me trying something that just failed (and with a clear error).


I resubmitted the same version as earlier this evening, after you made your fix and it passed. Thanks for the help!

Awesome to hear!

I had just messaged you privately to dig deeper, because I was really struggling!

Glad we got it sorted. Good luck for Tournament 2!

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Hi @James.Reynolds @rfnel, I am facing this same issue of Match Status failing.
How do I fix it?
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Yasin , I will look into it

Hi @Yasin , It looks to me like your bot’s .NET version is set to 3.1, but the platform runs them on .NET 5, and it is failing to launch.

You should be able to simply update your .csproj files to target .NET5, and you should be back up and running.

In your .csproj files, near the top there should be a line that says:

And you want to update that to say

Hi @James.Reynolds, Thanks a lot that fixed the problem.