Possible to get a JAVA version of the Reference Bot

Hi Team

Will it be possible to get a JAVA version for the Reference Bot as well. I see currently there is only a JAVASCRIPT version?

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Hi, @Grizzly21

We facilitate our matches through a language independent interface, therefore, a bot of a particular language should be able to compete with a bot with any other language. Due to this we only build a reference bot for a single language.

We are not planning on releasing a different version of the reference bot. However, all the logic in the reference bot is made public and we encourage the community to use the already existing javascript code.

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@Grizzly21 should take you like a couple hours to rewrite it in Java. Have a crack at it! If you get stuck Iā€™m happy to help

(I am not from Entelect. Just another person entering)

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