Possible to get a JAVA version of the Reference Bot

Hi Team

Will it be possible to get a JAVA version for the Reference Bot as well. I see currently there is only a JAVASCRIPT version?

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Hi, @Grizzly21

We facilitate our matches through a language independent interface, therefore, a bot of a particular language should be able to compete with a bot with any other language. Due to this we only build a reference bot for a single language.

We are not planning on releasing a different version of the reference bot. However, all the logic in the reference bot is made public and we encourage the community to use the already existing javascript code.

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@Grizzly21 should take you like a couple hours to rewrite it in Java. Have a crack at it! If you get stuck I’m happy to help

(I am not from Entelect. Just another person entering)

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Hello, I am currently trying to make my own version of Java bot by using the JS bot as reference but I am stuck. Could you help me crack and make the code in Java? I still don’t get how to use the attributes available to the worms and maps in the game, e.g. how to count Banana Bombs left in my worm’s inventory or moving my worm to my other worm. Thanks!