Problem with JavaBot sample bot disconnecting SignalR

Hi there

I submitted the default Javabot to the challenge and have found that the SignalR client always drops\disconnects shortly after connection. I’ve attached the bot log with the SignalR error below.

The problem is repeatable both with submitted JavaBots as well as locally run bots.

I did not modify the code at all. But numerous small changes showed no improvement.

I have found that the time it takes to drop varies, and sometimes a few SendPlayerAction messages are sent before the disconnect.

hubConnection.send(“SendPlayerAction”, botService.getPlayerAction())

This seems unique to the provided Java code as I can run the PythonBot and .NET referenceBot with no trouble.

Any advice on what I can do?

Many thanks

You will need to update the java enums to reflect the round 2 additions (Torpedo Salvo and Super Food), without it you will get an exception. You can do a search for ‘Value not found’ to find the origin of the issue and where to make the changes. The latest starter bots unfortunately aren’t updated for the new changes.


Thank you @ccanning2 for helping out with this question!

@euroryanaux Please try the solution suggested by ccanning2 and let us know if the issue persists so we can help out.

Thanks! I will give that a try.


Thanks guys. That did the trick. Can you point me at the README file that describes the effects of all these elements such as the TORPEDO and the SUPERFOOD? Is everything in the .md files in \2021-Galaxio-2021.2.3\game-engine?


Hi @euroryanaux ,

A complete guide to all the game rules can be found here: 2021-Galaxio/ at main · EntelectChallenge/2021-Galaxio · GitHub. This guide will be updated as new features are added.