Pushback damage in state.json

Good evening all,

In the rules, it says that if two worms try to move to the same cell on the same turn, they will both take damage.

Poking through the game engine, it looks like the damage done there is from a configurable value called “pushbackDamage”, in game-config.json. In the starter bot config, it’s set to 20.

This value doesn’t appear in the state.json file. Am I just being silly and not seeing it there? If it isn’t there, would it be possible to add it?


Hi Justin

It is definitely possible and makes sense to add it. I have created an issue to keep track of it: https://github.com/EntelectChallenge/2019-Worms/issues/16

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Hi all

This feature is in code review. We will look at releasing a new starter pack when it has been reviewed :slight_smile: