Question about Player2 info in state.json

If I look at one of the initial state files from a run:
{“PlayerMap”:null,“OpponentMap”:null,“GameVersion”:“1.0.0”,“GameLevel”:1,“Round”:2,“MapDimension”:10,“Phase”:2,“Player1Map”: … “Player2Map”:{“Cells”:[{“Occupied”:false,“Hit”:true,“X”:0,“Y”:0},{“Occupied”:true,“Hit”:false,“X”:0,“Y”:1},{“Occupied”:true,“Hit”:false,“X”:0,“Y”:2},{“Occupied”:true,“Hit”:false,“X”:0,“Y”:3},{“Occupied”:true,“Hit”:false,“X”:0,“Y”:4},{“Occupied”:false,“Hit”:false,“X”:0,“Y”:5},{“Occupied”:false,“Hit”:false,“X”:0,“Y”:6}, …

I notice that I can see the location of the Player2 ships, since they are marked with “Occupied”:true. I have confirmed that there are indeed ships at these locations by looking at the other player’s map file.

Is this correct, since that does not seem right to me?

Hi Gustav,

You will notice that there are 2 different “versions” of the state file. PlayerMap and Opponent map is used for the bots, which hides away sensitive information such as the ship locations. The 2nd one has Player1Map and Player2Map which is intended for the visualizer to know the states of both players maps for the round and is only written at the end of the round (unless tournament mode is active, which means it is written at the end of the match).

Hope this helps

Thank you Hennie. I discovered the same thing afterwards, but then was unable to get to the forum to retract my question.

Hi Gustav,

No worries. We are experiencing some serious teething problems with the forum at the moment, it seems like every time someone posts something it has a mini heart attach and dies for a short while. We hope to get this resolved fairly soon.