Questions about predictability of various game params

I have three questions for Entelect.

There seem to be a few things Entelect could change at any time:

  1. Weapon power and range
  2. Dig and movement range
  3. New power ups other than Health packs (or a more powerful health pack).
  4. Max rounds & Map size

Question 1:
For the first tournament can I assume that the above parameters will be the defaults found in the starter pack? Currently these are:

  1. All weapons will be damage 8, range 4
  2. Dig and movement range is 1
  3. Only power up is Health Pack with 10 points
  4. Maxrounds = 400, Map size = 33x33

Question 2:
Which of these will not have “sudden twists” and will remain constant throughout all tournaments?

Question 3
For things that have sudden changes, how soon before the closest tournament will this be communicated? E.g. Roughly how long do we have to make code changes and retrain our AI?

Question 1:
Yes you can assume these are the values being used for the first tournament. If we need to change anything it will be minor tweaks and we will notify everyone well in advance.

Question 2:
I cannot confirm exactly what will be changing. You will have to wait for the new releases to get that :slight_smile:

I can however confirm that the following attributes are the most unlikely to change:

  • Dig and movement range
  • Max rounds
  • Map size

Question 3:
New features/twists are usually released shortly after a tournament. This means you have all the time between tournaments to change your bot.


Excellent. Thank you