Random missing command.txt error on round 0

hi i get an error randomly on starting a match , between a bot i am working on ,and the reference bot ,for round 0, i am using 1.1.3.

it happens to both or sometimes only one bot, that the command.txt is not found…

but after round 0 have finished ,there are no more errors.

Hi @wjb

This is most likely due to a language “warm up” time causing your bot to time out on the first round.
Can you change the “max-runtime-ms” property in the config.json to a higher number and see if that works?

P.S. we are going to compensate for this startup time on our side by spinning up a calibration bot, as we call it, and add this time that it takes to startup to the max-runtime so that your bot has the full 2 seconds just for running commands and analyzing.