Random question: source control

Just wondering - what are you guys using for source control?
Do you use anything at all?

For myself, I have long ago learned the lesson that code that is committed (and pushed) does not exist.
Plus the capability to easily go back to a past point where you know everything was working correctly, and then compare with whatever madness you implemented NOW (where nothing is working) - indispensable.

Anyway, just curious!

I use BitBucket.

If I’m making major changes, I generally try to do it on another branch to reduce the risk that I’ll make a royal mess of things and struggle to roll it back.

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I have found that tagging is a very good friend.
I.e. as soon as you reckon you have something “better” - tag it.
Even if you don’t use branching, you still have save points to fall back to!

Yup, similar to you guys I use git and bitbucket. Each “official” version (i.e. one that I’m sure is the best so far) gets a tag :slight_smile: . I seldom commit to branches other than “master”, when I do it is for longer-term experiments that I might want to completely turf.

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