Ranges of config variables

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From the rules, I understand that a number of things in the game engine are variable and our bots should be able to handle them changing from match to match. When writing my bot, I’m finding I need to know what ‘reasonable’ values for these will be (eg can I represent this as an unsigned 8 bit int?)

I’ve grabbed this list of variables from the game engine’s config. Could we maybe just get a list of

  1. The minimum value a bot should be able to handle?
  2. The maximum value a bot should be able to handle?

I’m looking for hard limits, but if you don’t want to tie yourself down just yet feel free to add padding. For me, it’s more about the order of magnitude than the specific values.

game.config.map-width = 8
game.config.map-height = 4
game.config.max-rounds = 400
game.config.start-energy = 20
game.config.round-income-energy = 5
game.config.starting-health = 100
game.config.health-score-multiplier = 100
game.config.energy-score-multiplier = 1

#Building Config (I’d expect the same ranges for every building)
game.config.defense.config.health = 20
game.config.defense.config.construction-time-left = 3
game.config.defense.config.price = 30
game.config.defense.config.weapon-damage = 0
game.config.defense.config.weapon-speed = 0
game.config.defense.config.weapon-cooldown-period = 0
game.config.defense.config.destroy-multiplier = 1
game.config.defense.config.construction-score = 1
game.config.defense.config.energy-Produced-per-turn = 0

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Hi again.

Any chance I could get feedback on this question?

I would guess that most of the fields we can assume a minimum value of 0 (negative numbers wouldn’t make much sense). Can we put a hard maximum that these config values won’t exceed?

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Hi @justin.worthe,

Sorry for the late reply.

We are going to be finalising the min maxes over this coming weekend, so I’ll be able to give you hard maxes by then for all available configurable options for the 1st Tourament.

Hi @GeelKanarie,

Any chance those numbers have been finalized yet?


Hi @GeelKanarie

We need this minimum and maximum info, or tell us which config values will be used for the next tournament.

Hi @marvijo

This thread seems to have given me the slip I apologize.
What we eventually decided early on in the year that we won’t be varying the config from what the starter pack has, we will just be using a static map size and prices throughout each tournament, only having major changes afterwards.

The config as it stands now I believe won’t change again, bar any fixes which is very unlikely, and can be considered the values that your bot needs to be able to handle.

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Alright cool, thanks