Rebel worms

I have two quick questions:

(1) Is there splash damage or must the hit be a direct hit?

(2) Will worms be allowed to ignore the meta of the game and just dig as much as it can to collect the 7 points in order to win? …i.e. only use shooting as self defence? Will that be an acceptable strategy?

(3) Can we assume a multi-core system?

That’s 3 questions and question 2 has 3 questions in it.

From the stuff I’ve read through.

(1) No splash damage.
(2) Yes , Yes , Yes. Do all it takes to win
(3) I don’t know

Well, you get 3 kinds of people. Those that can count and those that can’t. Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
Just in case you missed it, we specified the hardware in the Hardware post, please check it out and ask if you have any further questions.