Release v2024.0.3 · EntelectChallenge/2024-Sproutopia

Good Afternoon everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Apologies for the wait! We have been keeping track of the bugs posted and we believe we have addressed all the major issues in this release.

BIG thanks to @Gilad for consolidating the issues!

Please let us know if there are any other issues and we will attempt to fix them ASAP depending on the severity.

Best of luck to everyone :blush:



I noticed the javascript.yml ci/cd file seems to generate a java wml,
Im going to attempt to reverse engineer last years one using the variables from the java one above.

But if someone sees this, Please let me know if there can be a correction

**Edit, I noticed most variables corresponded to last years YML file and used that, I could submit my bot using that file. But it should likely still be looked at

I could successfully upload, submission, But the match itself is hanging / taking long, Will look at it a lil later.

Thanks for addressing so many bugs :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I do have to share some bugs with this version.
I’ve bumped into two weird kinds of state of the engine.

  1. My bot was running late on sending commands, but although it already had a direction state it wouldn’t move anywhere.
  2. The tick rate can go completely out of wack.
    At the right increment at the start, and then suddenly several ticks take place in quick succession.
    I thought it was my more complex bot but going back to the previous engine nips this in the bud.

Weird one,

Does the tournament run on 1000 ticks, or 500 ticks like the Starter Bot?
Its probably not too relevent anyways, and I prefer 1000,

But noticed then portal pushing 1000 ticks…

Hey Willie!

Yes in the appsettings for prod it is 1000 ticks :slight_smile:

@Gilad I think I’m seeing the same issue where bots stop moving (despite apparently sending valid commands and the engine receiving them)

Thought it was maybe just me, rushing to submit so didn’t dig too deep :sweat_smile:

But now that someone else seems to also get it, I will DM @deefstes with some logs.

I am handing in now, best of luck dudes :metal:

Yeah I’m seeing this behaviour since the update:

Bots claim some territory and then continue to send valid commands but the engine no longer updates their positions.

Hey @Gilad

I’m unable to replicate your issue. Are you sure this is not just the freeze power up that has been activated?
It should last for a few ticks.

and for your second issue are you testing using the viualiser? I just want to double check because sometimes it can seem to lag in places.

Hey @timfoster and @japes

I think this is the same thing Gilad pointed out. I only get this behaviour when a bot has picked up a freeze powerup

Thanks for pointing this out @WillieTheron

we’ll have a fix in the next release :pray:

No problem, Last years file still worked.

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So no, it wasn’t a freeze. Or it it was it was a broken one that lasted indefinitely.
Quite unusual so I’m not sure how to re-create it.
I’ll send the logs of the next game that has this.

I’ve been using my own visualizer so I really can’t say how yours would do.

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