Release v2024.0.4 · EntelectChallenge/2024-Sproutopia

Good afternoon everyone :blush:

As promised the bug fix release for Tournament 1!

For more detail please read through the release notes. We have made some changes to the way bots consume territory. As well as a few other nagging issues.

Other than that we have enhanced the Visualser and added some more features to the completed game logs. Hopefully, it will assist in future dubbugging!

We don’t expect to make any more releases after this point until Tournament 2. Unless they are very serious in which case we will deal with them as they arise!

Thanks again everyone and as always please reach out if there are any issues or concerns :blush: and as always, BIG thanks to everyone who has reached out with bugs and issues! We really depend on this community to keep the challenge running smoothly :raised_hands: and we will keep pushing to make the experience better and better!