Removing old submissions from the player portal?

Hi - wondering if we could maybe get “selectively remove old submission(s)” functionality on the player portal?

With all my fiddling to date, it’s getting a bit crowded in there…


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Hi @demaniak,

The team is looking into reducing the number of uploaded bots kept on the player portal.

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Just curious: why are people using the player portal so early and uploading so many bots? Isn’t it just for submitting bots for the tournaments?

Short version: figure out what works on the portal now, then you can focus on the code.

Longer version:
Can’t speak for the others, but I like to know I’ve got the submission structure correct, build process correct, and that my bot actually runs on the real platform.

Otherwise, you might end up 5 minutes to deadline, with an esoteric build error on the portal platform, because you used version of your “whatever”, and the platform has version

I already found out (the hard way) the portal has java 8. Not 11, like I’m using.
So gotta stay away from certain API’s, and make sure I compile for 8. And yes, I know the docs state 8, but SOMEWHERE I read “8 or higher”. Or maybe I dreamt it. Anyway. 8 it is.

And yes, it took a couple of submissions to get everything working a-ok, and everytime I add some dependency or fiddle with the build process, or make a significant change to bot code, I will submit again, just to make sure.