Replay function

I was watching my matches against the reference bot and picked up some funny behaviour my worms showed, is there a way I can replay from a specific point or put worms in specific positions to recreate myy scenarios.
The debugger is no longer free on IntelliJ for javascript.

Hi @styphoiz

You should be able to run your bot as a program and trigger it with the same input that the game is using.

To simplify this, you need to copy the specific round files into you bot’s folder

  • If you are interested in seeing round 23, then copy those into the bot folder
  • You might see some existing “rounds” folder. Use this to find out where to place the files
  • Then the simplest way would be to let your bot call it’s own “execute round(23)” method somewhere at startup (in the constructor maybe?), and call it with the round number (23) in question

This will only run 1 specific round though, so the better solution is to get debugging going so that you can use a breakpoint on round 23 to see the bot’s current state.

The other option is to try out VS Code

It has been considered, but there are no plans at the moment to create an option in the game-runner to start at a specific round since the game-engine needs to build up it’s state on the way to that round.

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