Rules clarification

Reading the game rules here a few things seem quite unclear. Maybe I just need to run the starter bot or read the code and work it out, but these seem like questions a lot of people will have:

  1. What happens at night? We know it happens every 10 ticks, but how long does it last, and what is different between night and day? The rules just stop in the middle of a sentence

  2. What is the purpose of the campfire? There is a command to create one, but no other information about it!

Evening Malman, I’m looking into it. I’ll clarify with the team, but from what I understand there is no night and day differences, just that after 10 ticks, there will be an upkeep step for your units. The lore being that it has been 1 day in-game.
Campfires. From what I can briefly scan, starting campfires allows you to gain more units but at the cost of consuming wood.
I’ll see if I can get that readme updated properly :face_in_clouds:

Please check here for what happens at tick 10: 2022-Arctica/ at master · EntelectChallenge/2022-Arctica · GitHub
I’ve started the process to get that readme updated

Hi, Campfire creates heat, heat is consumed like food each day/night cycle, at a 1:1 ratio to population, but for some reason make sure that you have atleast a 1:2 ratio of heat otherwise your population seems to decrease regardless of food. a side not the consumption per population in the appSettings.json is as follows:

“UnitConsumptionRatio”: {
“Food”: 1,
“Wood”: 0.5,
“Stone”: 0.1,
“Gold”: 1,
“Heat”: 1

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Thanks, I guess the code will have to act as the documentation in this case, since it looks like the readme still hasn’t updated.

Seems like we aren’t having a phase this year where people can try out the engine, point out bugs, etc before it is finalised for the first round?

Yeah I guess the same. It’s been almost 4 weeks and no real changes to the engine or die docs has been made.
If there is some changes to the engine, it’s going to be tight before the next tournament.

Hey guys! There is an update to the readme on it’s way — it’s already past the PR, we just need to make a new public release of the code! Will hopefully have this out tonight.

@AtomicNomad, if there any big changes that make things a bit difficult to adjust to in the time before the tournament, we are open to giving the participants more time to polish their bots.

The types of changes that we are going to be making will be centered around balancing the configuration values of the game, not really any big features or changes to the game play. We are also planning to update the game state that is sent to the users to give them more information around the player actions.

Thank you very much @Jordan , I appreciate the feedback. Can’t wait for the updates.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get the readme update out this evening, but we will prioritize it for tomorrow :raised_hands:

:raising_hand_man: I’d vote for an extension before the first tournament, considering the current state of the rules and the starter bots.

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@AtomicNomad the game-rules update is out :raised_hands: thank you for being patient!