Runner Configuration

Hey everyone,

Looking for some knowledge over someone who can point me in the right direction…

Should the runner just run out of the box or do I need to do some other work?
I dont really work with this kind of setups almost ever…

When iIrun the runner it completely caps my CPU (i7 7th gen) which makes me believe Im doing something wrong.
When its run i can open Localhost port 5000 and see theres some sort of gamerunner title.
Do i need to pull some dipendencies first?

My bot submission went well, but I could not run the runner,
Unsure if Im missing some steps.

(Have .Net 3.1.13) and see no errors when i run the file.

Hi Willie,

If you are seeing that page on http://localhost:5000, it means the runner is indeed running.

By default, the script in your starter pack is set to run all the engine components (runner, engine, logger), as well as 3 reference bots.

At this point, the engine waits for your bot to startup and connect to the runner.

Are you seeing something like “Waiting for all bots to connect” repeatedly in the console of the runner?

If so, start up your bot locally, and it should connect and kick off the game.

Yeah, this is exactly what I am seeing looped: “Waiting for all bots to connect”

Let me see if I can run this but starting up the runner and then the bot,

Will let you know what I find

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In this case, you should start up another bot of your choosing.

You should also only start your bot once the runner has booted and you see that “Waiting for all bots to connect” looping in the console.

I’ve opened an PR on GitHub explaining these things further, which should get merged shortly. But feel free to check it out so long for further clarity!


Thanks for the question @WillieTheron, I was able to get it running. @James.Reynolds how do we visualize the map (at least in a console), as the logs are sparse.

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Hi @scavanger

We are aware the logs can be a bit difficult to follow in terms of what your bot did during the round.

The logger puts out two files, a game State Log and a Game Complete log.

You can use the game complete log to find out where your bot finished, by looking at its “placement” key.

This file will also contain the GUID used to represent your bot during the match. You can take that GUID, and then in essence, filter the game state log for it. That will give you your players state at each tick, so you can check where they went and what changes happened it them.

We are aware that is a bit difficult, so we do have a visualiser coming for the community very very soon!

Thanks @James.Reynolds you have been a great help!

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