Rust compiler in the Player Portal is out of date

Good evening folks,

I’ve just uploaded a submission to the player portal for my Rust bot. I noticed that the portal is currently using Rust 1.34 to build bots. This was the latest stable version when last year’s tournament kicked off.

The current version of the Rust compiler is 1.42. The Dockerfile in the starter bot uses 1.42, so I think the new container just hasn’t been propagated to the player portal (

I’d really appreciate if you could update the player portal.

The Rust compiler is backwards compatible, so if someone is expecting version 1.34 then their code will continue to work on 1.42. However, if someone was expecting 1.42 and used a feature that was only recently stabilized, then they might run into trouble when they try to submit if the portal is still running 1.34.


Hi @justin.worthe, thanks for raising the issue. I will contact the infrastructure team with the upgrade request.

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@justin.worthe did update the Rust container to the newer version, thanks for bringing this to the teams attention :smile:

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