Rust compiler version on the tournament servers

Happy Sunday afternoon all! :smiley:

There has recently been a new version of the Rust compiler released (more details here: I’d like to start using it with my bot, but I need to make sure I don’t accidentally use any new features that the tournament server’s compiler doesn’t know about. This can be complicated, since it includes any libraries I’m using.

Would you mind updating the tournament server to the latest stable version of the Rust compiler for the next tournament?

Rust maintains backwards compatibility in their compilers. This update will only add features, not remove them. In other words, no existing Rust bots should be broken by this update.


Gentle bump? Any chance I could get feedback on this question?

If you can’t update the version of the Rust compiler on the tournament server, then I need to know which version is already installed so that I can make sure I’m only using features it supports.

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Hey @justin.worthe

The previous version of Rust that was running on the servers were 1.26 (as that was the latest release at the time of the challenge starting)

I have updated the Rust install to version 1.28 :slight_smile:
Please inform us if there are any issues with the update.


Awesome! Thank you very much :smiley:

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