Same lane overtake with front player using lizard jump

So a curious situation.
In the situation depicted below:

  • Player 1 has an active boost running (and choose NOTHING)
  • Player 2 has chosen USE_LIZARD

In round 10, we see:

  • Player 1 is still stuck behind Player 2

So…I’m not saying this is wrong, I just want to verify this is intentional, and not a bug.

You could argue that since collision are turned off for player 2 (except for last/landing block), then Player 1 should actually be able to…er… “slip” underneath the “jumping” Player 2.

Ok, now I’m confused.
Here is a situation where Player 2 (active boost, choose ACCELERATE) was apparently able to overtake Player 1 (choose USE_LIZARD).

that can’t be right, can it?

Hmm. Haven’t tested this yet and not sure if it’s related but I noticed this (somehow) perusing the changes to the game engine code - compare lines 212 and 218 here. Both have player1StagedPosition.getPlayer().isLizarding towards the end - presumably one should be player2StagedPosition. Looks like a copy-paste error.

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I concur, the symptoms plus that check you pointed out smells like a bug…

Opened an issue here:

Hi @demaniak thanks for opening this issue. The team will have a look at it and get back to you.

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