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I’m probably going to write my bot in C++ again this year (also possibly considering Rust to force myself to learn it!). So I thought I might as well write a sample bot to get C++ support added ASAP. But, I have some questions:

  1. What is going on with the bot.json file? The first rule in the Starter Bots README says that bots must have a bot.json file, but none of the existing starter bots have a bot.json file! Some of the information that would belong in bot.json, like the path to the bot executable and the name of the executable, look like they come from the config.json file, which is all fine for local testing, but bot creators can’t submit their own config.json files - the config.json file is specific to a match, not a bot.

  2. When I wrote last year’s C++ sample bot, I polluted the repository by including the entire rapidjson library in my commit! Better not to do that again, plus now there is an up-to-date version of rapidjson on Nuget. Is there some way for bots to pull in dependencies when compiled on the server? This won’t just be needed for C++/Nuget - Java doesn’t seem to have JSON parsing built in either, so there will need to be a step where maven or something is used. I think this was in bot.json last year too?

Hi @Malman

Sorry for the late reply.

  1. I saw we overlooked the bot.json files. I’ve added them to the starter and reference bots as examples and we’ll add them for any starter bot pull requests made before now. Future pull requests for more starter bots and any bot submissions however will require the bot.json to be there. Thanks for pointing this out.

  2. We will finalize how the dependencies are pulled a bit later. Here is another topic that also inquired about this:
    Python dependencies

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