Sanity Check: frameworks and libraries

Am I correct in saying that it would be against the rules (and probably the spirit ) of the competition to make use of things like:

Asking for a friend…

Not against the rules, nor the spirit IMO

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Hi @demaniak

Nope, no rules or spirit against it. Machine learning/artificial intelligence is actually encouraged in this challenge :smiley: We just don’t officially advertise the Entelect Challenge as a full AI competition because it scares off some new coders, and we try to make this an opportunity for everyone to learn something new.

There have been some contestants that dabbled in machine learning to make an AI bot, and everyone is welcome to give it a try, such bots are just as eligible in the tournaments as if-statement bots :wink:

It might be worth a it searching through older posts from previous years to find AI bot participants and how they managed to get it working.

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Super-duper then, thanks for the response @pierre.roux !