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Another question on scoring…

Lets say after 400 moves, there is no clear winner and scoring needs to be used to determine the winner. If player 1 has all three worms left and player 2 only one worm left, but player 2 has a higher score than player 1 (i.e. player 1 did not really dig), does player 2 still win?

Hi @sparky

You are correct. However, the scenario you are describing is extremely unlikely for the following reasons:

  • The most points (40 and 20 respectively) per round can be gained by shooting an enemy worm
  • The score includes the average health of all the player’s worms

From the rules:

The total score value is determined by adding together the player’s average worm health and the points for every single command the they played

I have managed to make this scenario true, without shooting once. So I see it as a valid question…

If both teams survive 400 rounds, Score is the only thing that matters.

Hi Willie

You are correct in saying that If both teams survive 400 rounds, score is the only thing that matters.

When you say ‘this exact scenario’ does that include that

  • One player has 3 living worms
  • One player has only 1 living worms
  • The player with all 3 worms has a lower score

If that happens again do you mind sharing the csv match logs with the challenge team? I would really like to figure out how that occurred with the scoring rules as they are.

Here is a theoretical scenario:
The player with 3 worms did either Nothing or Shoot and killed 2 of the opponent’s worms. Did not shoot at the 3rd worm. This will give a score of 1250. (38 shoot commands where 2 were fatal and 362 Do Nothing commands)

The player with 1 worm left did not do any shooting but only gave 400 move commands. This player will have a score of 2000+

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