See opponent's last move?

Hi team.

As far as I can tell there is no way currently to get the last move that was executed by your opponent. Is there something I’m missing or is this simply not present?

If it is missing, are you willing to consider adding it? It might be a very valuable piece of information for certain strategies to try tell “what the opponent is thinking”. I realize it can be inferred by comparing the 2 game states but that’s quite a significant amount of work. Adding it to the state files would be trivial and it’s not technically adding any more information, as this is something that can be inferred anyway. It just makes it less work for the bot devs; similar to the rationale for adding the opponent’s current worm number. Furthermore, when debugging against a single state/move, you can’t infer the previous move that was made by the opponent, so it makes debugging much more work if you are using strategies dependent on the opponent’s moves.

Hi @ryan27968

That’s an amazing idea! We will add that to the json/text state files as a new field for each player.

You can follow the progress here

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