Seeker Missile

Hey guys,

Just want to clear up the seeker missile:
Rules state:
“This will fire a missle at
target area, finding the nearest ship cell with an eclidian distance of 2 units or less away from the center point given, if there is no ship the center point given will be the target of the missle. (5 x 5 cells)”

So my question is, I the diagram below, Which represents the intended seeker missile behavior. I am asking this because I assumed that the intended behavior is Submarine B below, My seeker missile however missed a ship piece on the blue block which is why I believe that the seeker missile behaves as Submarine A. Since rules state euclidean distance I am not sure if this is a but or intended.

From my understanding , it is suppose to behave in the diamond pattern and not a cross , i don’t know why yours missed a ship right next to it though , it is not suppose to from what i know.

by the way if i may add to your question , i was wondering if the missile ignores damaged cells and goes for the nearest undamaged occupied cell?

if not , it would be great to have it , i coded the seeker code in to my c# application to develop and debug my bot, and i think i added code to ignore damaged cells , it works really great this way .

from the images ,i added here,i believe the behavior you should be getting/want is like i coded mine , here are two images , both were shot at multiple times at cell 7,7 , and it damages anything in a “diamond” pattern, or i missed something .

Maybe It was just a bug in my bot,

I am going to test the scenario manually a bit later when I have some more time. I will test the specific placements that my shots were at when it “Missed” and get give more feedback. It could be my bot, It could b some issue with the seeker being shot at the edge of a map. But I will do more tests on this. If you say it is supposed to be a diamond, Then I will run some tests on my side.

Well, Goodluck with your bot. I finished my seeker implementation. We have about a month to the next battle. I am looking forward to the event.

yeah i would rather hear from the tech team about it than trust myself here .

thanks good luck to you too , i havent even started using the game engine to test those seekers , i guess i should run a couple of custom test scenarios like you mentioned.


Hey @WillieTheron

We will have a look at the seeker missile issue.

@wjb that would be a nice change to the weapon, we had a similar idea when designing the weapon, but rather stuck to the basic find the closest ship regardless if it is damaged or not. Don’t you feel it becomes too strong then if it avoids damaged cells?

hi , to me it does not really become to strong because it only hits one cell at a time at the cost of the energy required and the unpredictable nature of the board i find it better if it seeks out undamaged in range , however the decision is not mine to make.

I’ll agree with Foamy here. Seeker missile seems fine as is. Just forces you to plan properly before firing it. In my testing so far the seeker missile has behaved as expected. So hitting all the squares it was supposed to.

roger that , i dont mind the seeker as it currently behaves , it already provides bang for your energy if used correct.

Hey guys, just to confirm, I managed to find my bug,

It was indeed a human error, I incorrectly assigned the second Double shot weapon (Fire=3) to the seeker missile where the seeker missile existed in fire=7. This caused me to use the doubleshot instead of the actual seeker missile.

So to get through with this. Everything works as expected. I should have run more tests before posting.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week.

Hi Willie,

All is good, hope you guys are having fun and all is going well with the bots this far :smiley: