Simple replay visualizer(c# project & code included)

Hi wrote this today , its not perfect for speed or efficiently coded ,but you may use it if you wish.

I did not code to check for exceptions. so dont drop the incorrect data on the window etc.

And i cannot say its without problems with certainty , but works for me ,currently it uses the console.txt of player A to show the complete map , its unfinished in terms of what i wanted to do, but this is as far as i went today.

I wont be supporting this except for myself though.

Its a .net 4 c# 2010 project , if you run the app just drop the complete match folder on to the window (the folder with the date).



Nice, you should consider uploading it to github.

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@wjb Thanks my guy. I searched here as I was about to write the same app

Pleasure , here is one with double buffering set.

@wjb Please re-upload, I lost the download