Small Bug - Enemy Unpruned & Superpowerups

So the runes state:

If a farmer completely encircles another farmer and completes its trail to claim the encircled territory, the encircled farmer is pruned and respawned in its respawn position. All of the territory that belonged to the encircled farmer is transfered to the encircling farmer, with the exception of the encircled farmer’s starting territory ( the orignal 9 plots/cells given at the start of a match).

So my thoughts:
I have seen a few times when i encircled a bot and I did not get their land,

I think what is happening is that because they started a trial (IE, not on the land)
They keep their trial, Lose the land segment but am still free to play as normal.

Im uncertain if this is intended.

Sure, They essentially become a sitting Duck,
But it still seems unintentional,

Not very important.

Regarding Superpowerups, Uncertian if its visualiser or engine, But even when I do kill weeds, I never get superpowerups on the visualiser,

Have honestly not checked if they exist.
This engine is pretty stable.

So I can look at inticrates.

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HI @WillieTheron , the starting territory not being able to be claimed is a current known bug and we are trying to correct that, thank you for your due diligence into making this game as good as can be :grinning:.

Regarding the super powerups, I will do some tests, and get back to you as soon as possible.

Just Clarifying, I might have misspoken,

If I see it again I will post,

But I have a enemy taking land in my territory,
Then, I encircle their land.

Two things can happen,
A) if they are on their land, I prune them,
B) if they start a trail / are not on their land, I get their land and they are not pruned.

So they end up having a trial out of nowhere.

I believe the expected behaviour should be that if I claim the land tile under their trail start I also prune them.

As I said, They normally become a sitting duck cause just a trial and they gotta rush back into a safe zone,
Just feels like a bug.

Hi @WillieTheron

Super Powerups
Super powerups exist but are currently not displaying on the visualiser yet, but they do exist in the code and are added to a bots state when collected.

Encircling opponents land
Currently, only if you cut their trail will they be pruned. This is because a bot(A) can claim territory of another bot (B) yet BOT B can have territory nearby which they could go to to potentially complete their trail.

A players starting territory will always exist and cannot be claimed, and so they will always have a way to complete their trail.

Hope this answers your question.