Some identified bugs

  • When stopped and staring at a wall, you can actually reverse.
    You will take one step backward successfully without issue.
    You can diverge off your trail and continue as if nothing happened.
    However if you take a second step along your trial you will die.

  • Taking a super fertilizer on someone else’s territory means it doesn’t activate at all.
    It only works if taken on your territory AND you try take empty space, NOT someone else’s territory

  • If Player 0 kills you they will take your spawn area too. (Seems like bot 0 will take bot 1’s territory but not vice versa).
    Then Player 1 will spawn on what appears to be Player 0’s territory everywhere.
    When Player 1 starts moving it will create a trail and if you connect with where your starting area WOULD be you will capture the loop.
    But if Player 1’s area is not visible, how is it supposed to know where to join?

  • Player 1, creates a trail
    Player 2 prunes them (This will also capture their Player 0’s spawn zone) and then complete the loop to Player 2’s own territory.
    Game crashes.
    UNLESS Player 1 manages to catch some territory before you close your loop

  • If you use up your trail protection, you jump back to your territory as expected.
    However, your trail doesn’t disappear until you next close a loop.
    This remnant trail can still be attacked to prune you.

  • one weed, perhaps a merged one formed from smaller ones, gave 3 fertilizer power-ups after being surrounded.
    Not sure if this is intended behaviour.

  • weeds can spawn right on top of you killing you on the next step.

  • Powerups seem to survive your being pruned. Not sure if this is intended behaviour.


Hi @Gilad thanks for the detailed report!

We’ll look into this!

Hi @Gilad, thanks for the info and the detail you put into it. I’ll go through these as I get time but let me just make a quick comment or two for now.

I am able to reproduce the issue of a bot facing a wall doubling back onto its own trail. Will fix that as soon as I get a chance.

I see now that the file is not clear on this but this is actually desired behaviour. Super Fertilizer is supposed to deactivate whenever a bot enters any territory (either its own or another bot’s).

Some of these bugs you mention have already been picked up as we were tweaking the differential logging. Hopefully the next release will address them.

But yeah, I’ll have to go through these one by one and see if I can replicate it, and fix it if necessary. Thanks again.

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Another addition.
Commands in the queue survive your being pruned.
Not sure if this is intended or not.

Is there a fix incoming before the competition on Saturday?
It’s pretty hard to test thiings when it quickly comes to a crash after many cases in which a prune occurs.

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My solution isnt perfect, but… Dont get pruned :yum:

That said however, I do agree with you.

I aim to have my own entry in before Saturday and Im dealing with the crashes in my own way.
But it will be very hard for the team to run a tournament in this environment,

Cause only valid matches will be matches where pruning never happens.
I do think that they should at least extend the deadline until the bug is fixed.

Smart contestants has been working around these bugs through strategy, patching of the engine and so on.

But just one prunes and the game crashes will make for a complicated tournament.

I do feel we are all in the same boat so its fine even if the challenge remains.
Cause give those who took the initiatives in these issues their advantage.
Its part of the challenge and the fun.

An undeniable fact remains, team will need to fix the pruning bug before they can run the tournament successfully.
Unless my bug is localhost.

+1 for this…
I’ve basically just been carrying on assuming that they will be sorted out.
The crashes, the “cuckoo nest” shared spawn location, and the disappearing spawn territory are game-breaking IMO.

So kobus suggested something that somehow had not even occurred to me.
Use the previous version of the game.
Haven’t tested this yet but maybe it hasn’t got the same issue that came about with this differential logger stuff.

Also Willie, don’t worry I won’t get pruned. It’s you I’m worried about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: