Some technical info regarding comi con

Hey guys,

Not at all saying that I will be one of the top 8,
I really do not doubt my ability, Its my effort that has me doubtful. I mean I still need to implement the shield…

That said, I see some troubles with the Comic Con this year. With rAge there was tickets at the door.
But a contact told me that weekend tickets to comic con sold out as early as July, long before any participant even had an idea of their end results.

The reason this is troublesome to me is that I need a plus 1 for the day of the event. So my question, Would it be possible to pull some strings and have Contestants and possibly a plus 1 receive a form of media pass or VIP pass to comic con. As there’s likely going no way to get in via the door otherwise. And if some kind of arrangement could be made for a weekend pass that would be super cool (Not in any way trying to sound needy, I would not even mind if extra costs would be on myself as a contestant). Just with rAge I normally made a weekend of it and enjoyed the exhibitions and such,

But it seems Comic Con will not be as easy due to availability.

Just wondering what is in place in terms of entry and passes so that I could plan accordingly.

Still not 100% sure I would make it but the stats are favorable…

I’ll be honest that I was a bit disappointed with the fact that my wife won’t be able to attend as well. She’s been amazing about giving me time to work on my bot with a 2 year old running around creating chaos. That said I really appreciate everything the Entelect challenge team is doing and definitely don’t feel like I’m entitled to any additional tickets. One of my colleagues at work mentioned that there may be another wave of tickets sold. Any chance we could scoop some of those ? I’m happy to pay full price.

If memory serves me right, the finalists at rAge (in 2016 at least) got two tickets each. Based on what you guys are saying, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, although I can’t find anything that clearly states how many tickets the finalists will get.

@Entelect - is that correct?

Hi all

From what I recall, we only provided tickets for the finalists in the past at Rage with the expectation that additional tickets could be purchased at the door. This year, we didn’t expect the tickets to ComicCon to be sold out - we would have arranged more tickets at the start of the year if we knew.

With that said, we’re trying to arrange one additional ticket for each finalists. I can’t guarantee anything, but we’re in talks with ComicCon.

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Thank you from my side as a potential finalist (Been grinding my bot this weekend). Things are looking better but not yet finalized…

Speaking hypothetically, If I do make the finals I will definitely still come. The trip will just look different to me.

Did not at all mean to sound difficult or needy, One friend told me tickets were out and I thought maybe we could do something about it. Even if there’s extra costs… I will likely still try and purchase a extra ticket if I do make the finals. But the time frame might not allow.

Either way, Maybe I get kicked out this year, it certainly would not surprise me. Then this debate does not matter to me… I also got a surprise when they mentioned that tickets were out.

Hi all

We’ve managed to secure one additional pass for each finalist for the Saturday only, and it’s on us. We will communicate with the finalists on Monday 10 September after the tournament runs regarding logistics for the day.

You’re welcome :wink:


You did your part, now its my turn to do mine…

Thank you for the effort. Next year I should be better prepared…

That’s awesome, thanks Rishal!

@rishal Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

It’s a pleasure everyone. We really didn’t anticipate that the tickets would get sold out, so it’s the least we could do - fortunately, ComicCon were accommodating.

Good luck with your bots! It should be an exciting finale.

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