Standard output

When I simulate a match locally (using run.bat, version 1.1.1), I don’t see standard output from my bot (e.g. using System.out.println(…) in java).

Could you allow standard out to print to the console? Maybe as an option in config.json? I find it really useful to debug the bot.

The old version (v1.0.0) seemed to allowed this.

Your stdout will be in the games match folder /Round{XXX}/ {A/B} - {Name}/Console/Botoutput.txt

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Does not seem to work for C# bot. /Round{XXX}/ {A/B} - {Name}/Console/Botoutput.txt is always blank. Testing on v1.1.1 as well.

I’m using C# and it works, make sure you are running your bot and not the sample one.

Sorry, my mistake, I was on 1.1.0 and everything worked fine, in 1.1.1 I don’t get console output in the BotOutput.txt.

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Seems my environment was misconfigured, it works fine now.

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@manyways thanks! :+1:

We will look into this, in the meanwhile you can track progress here

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