Start a game from a state other than the beginning

Hi everyone.
Is it possible to start a game in the middle, instead of the end?
Where you can input a ‘state.json’ and the match will start from there?
I’m trying to do some controlled simulations and skip the beginning parts of a game.
Thanks : -)

Hi @8OnItsSide

It isn’t possible currently to do that now due to how the engine and runner handle the state.
I’ve chatted with one of the guys in the game engine team about adding this is, and it will be possible but it will, unfortunately, be a low priority as the first tournament is happening quite soon.

“the first tournament is happening quite soon”

So I go to check the date and guess who wakes up… The panic monster…
I never realized the first date and never really sat with my bot. So now
Im taking a day off to quickly pull this together…

Sweet times. Will be good to have a day off.

You took a day off? what are you a student?

Correct age group, wrong designation, Self Employed my side. In the end I only started my bot logic around 9 pm anyways. I am about halfway now. Maybe 33% complete. But managed some good foundations. Just worried about timeouts. But these will not show up first round. Maybe I can snatch that golden ticket this time… But I have a feeling making top 8 will be hard…