Start Positions

Start Positions:
Player 1 starts in Lane 1 and Player 2 starts in Lane 3. This gives an advantage to Player 2.
I suggest that you move Player 2 to start in Lane 4, or move player 1 to start in Lane 2.


Thanks for the suggestion @kuifie I have sent this on to the relevant team members :slight_smile:

Editing the game-config.json file (which is not json…) to set player 1 starting lane to 2 works.


Fair enough, but what will the starting positions be during tournament conditions?
I sorta like “random”, but that might just me.

Random is okay as long as both players have the same symmetrical starting point (1 - 4 or 2 - 3).

For event 1 this can literally be the determining factor of a game.
I’m curious to see some nice options for player 2, that would give player 2 a decent advantage to catch up in later events.

Once that car is gone, its over.
Really looking forward to the first event, Have not done any coding for my bot though, Still need to push my timelapse of last year :man_facepalming:

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Hello @kuifie, @cairnswm , @demaniak and @WillieTheron we recently did a new release to update the start position of player 2 (now starts in lane 4).

As for the question on start positions, at present it will be P1 lane 1 and P2 lane 4.

Cheers :slight_smile: